Generalized Expectancy for Success Scale- revised (GESS-R)

In the future I expect that I will . . .
1.    succeed at most things I try.
2.    be listened to when I speak.
3.    carry through my responsibilities successfully.
4.    get the promotions I deserve.
5.    have successful close personal relationships.
6.    handle unexpected problems successfully.
7.    make a good impression on people I meet for the first time.
8.    attain the career goals I set for myself.
9.    experience many failures in my life.*
10.have a positive influence on most of the people with whom I interact. able to solve my own problems.
12.acquire most of the things that are important to me.
13.find that no matter how hard I try‚ things just don’t turn out the way I would like. * a good judge of what it takes to get ahead.
15.handle myself well in whatever situation I’m in.
16.reach my financial goals.
17.have problems working with others. * that the good in life outweighs the bad. successful in my endeavors in the long run. unable to accomplish my goals. * very successful working out my personal life.
22.succeed in the projects I undertake. that my plans don’t work out too well. *
24.achieve recognition in my profession.
25.have rewarding intimate relationships.
* Reverse Score
1 = Highly improbable‚ 2 = Improbable‚ 3 = Equally improbable and probable‚ not sure‚ 4 = Probable‚ 5 = Highly probable
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