Risk assessments and Safety Management in Workplaces


The questionnaire has been administered to both employers and workers. It solicits information on the employer/worker’s company, the company’s familiarity with the occupational safety and health (OSH) directive, the respondent’s familiarity with OSH, whether the prerequisites for safe and healthy work are being met in the respondent’s workplace, how safety management is being realized in their workplace, how OSH legislation has improved or changed safety practices in their workplace, how risk assessments are being carried out in their workplace, how the results of risk assessments are being used, how the risk identification and assessment process is documented, and what changes are being made on the basis of results from these assessments.

Author of Tool:

Niskanen, T.

Key references:

From: Niskanen, T., Naumanen, P., & Hirvonen, M. L. (2012). An evaluation of EU legislation concerning risk assessment and preventive measures in occupational safety and health. Applied Ergonomics, 43, 829-842.

Primary use / Purpose:

This questionnaire was designed to measure the implmentation and effectiveness of European Council Directives intended to improve occupational safety and health.