Powerlessness scale

Neal and Seeman 1962
1.    I think we have adequate means for preventing run-away inflation.
* There's very little we can do to keep prices from going higher.
2.    * Persons like myself have little chance of protecting our personal interests when they conflict with those of strong pressure groups.
I feel that we have adequate ways of coping with pressure groups.
3.    A lasting world peace can be achieved by those of us who work toward it.
* There's very little we can do to bring about a permanent world peace.
4.    * There's very little persons like myself can do to improve world opinion of the United States.
I think each of us can do a great deal to improve world opinion of the United States.
5.    * This world is run by the few people in power‚ and there is not much the little guy can do about it.
The average citizen can have an influence on government decisions.
6.    * It is only wishful thinking to believe that one can really influence what happens in society at large.
People like me can change the course of world events if we make ourselves heard.
7.    * More and more‚ I feel helpless in the face of what's happening in the world today.
I sometimes feel personally to blame for the sad state of affairs in our government.
1.    Discarded Items
8.    By studying the world situation‚ one can greatly increase his political effectiveness.
* Whether one likes it or not‚ chance plays an awfully large part in world events.
9.    * The international situation is so complex that it just confuses a person to think about it.
Active discussion of politics can eventually lead to a better world.
10.* Wars between countries seem inevitable despite the efforts of men to prevent them.
Wars between countries can be avoided.
11.Those who do not vote are largely responsible for bad government.
* There's little use for me to vote‚ since one vote doesn't count very much anyway.
12.With enough effort we can wipe out political corruption.
* Some political corruption is a necessary evil of government.
* powerless response

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