Political Participation Scale

Choichiro Yatani‚ 1982
1.    My parent frequently talked about politics.
2.    I do not like to be asked what to do about world peace.
3.    I want to take at least one political science course before I graduate.
4.    I will cut a class if I am assigned to initiate a discussion on political issues.
5.    A monetary contribution to a political candidate is one of the main sources of corruption.
6.    We should frequently make contact with our government to check its arbitrary decision.
7.    I will wear a button to support my candidate.
8.    It is kind of fun to involve others in a discussion for world peace policies.
9.    My friends seldom talk about politics.
10.I dislike a political rally.
11.I think voting in a presidential election is one of the most important duties of a citizen.
12.I have no interest in initiating a discussion on politics.
13.Reading TIME or Newsweek is not boring.
14.I avoid socializing with those who initiate political discussion.
15.Voting makes a difference in how the government runs things.
16.When I get a newspaper‚ I usually read sports articles first.
17.I approve seeing stickers on the cars of my friends supporting political candidates.
18.Attending political meetings is an important action for me.
19.Some of my friends talk to me about political issues.
20.I would choose a geography course rather than a political science course if they were offered as an elective.
21.TV news programs are so boring that I seldom watch them.
22.It is very important to me to exercise the right to vote in a presidential election.
23.Campaign contributors discourage me to vote because I feel they are buyers purchasing future political favors.
24.I am not interested in persuading others to vote for the candidate I support.
25.I do not like to see someone with a button supporting a political idea.
26.Voting does not do any good.
27.I usually read a newspaper from the first page to the last page.
28.I do not want to date my boyfriend/girlfriend when he/she wears a button expressing a political idea.
29.Not to vote in a congressional election is to give up a major responsibility to our society.
30.It is waste of time to vote in a presidential election.
31.I do not remember my parent talking to me about world peace.
32.I would hesitate to put a sticker on my car for anti-war appeal.
33.It is useless to write to a congressman to voice disagreement.
34.I like to socialize with those who have special concerns about policies of our government.
35.I do not want my boyfriend/girlfriend to talk to me about international political problems.
36.Voting is the best way to express my opinion.
37.I would like to encourage others to exercise the right to vote.
38.I feel guilty by not participating in discussions about government policies.
39.I would not vote even if I was asked to do so by my intimate friends.
40.One of the reasons why I do not try to write to a government official is because I feel I have no influence on the political structure.
41.I feel uncomfortable when I am around people who are debating national policies.
42.If my boyfriend/girlfriend brought up political issues in our conversation‚ I would welcome them.
43.I am not interested in presidential elections.
44.Voting cannot stop the irresponsibility of the power elite.
45.I respect a person who has strong political ideas.
46.It is exicting to participate in the political process through exhorting others to vote for a certain candidate.
47.I feel urged to write to the White House when I disagree with its decision.
48.I am interested in watching programs like “60 Minutes” or “World News Tonight” on TV.
49.I feel it is almost impossible to live without being involved in political issues.
50.My voting has no influence on a presidential election.
51.I feel the decision making of the President is unaffected by the outcome of elections.
52.I would feel uncomfortable to initiate a class discussion on world disarmament.
53.I have no interest in watching the President’s address on TV.
54.A small group of powerful and selfish individuals misuse my vote in presidential elections.
55.I feel a very close relationship with our government through voting.
56.I recommend others to vote for my candidate.
57.I feel that it is a necessary political activity to contribute money to a political party.
58.Voting is my obligation.
59.When I find an interesting political article in a newspaper‚ I feel urged to discuss it with my friends.
60.It is sad to see many people are not concerned about world disarmament.
The split-half correlation coefficient was .75 when corrected for full length by the Spearman-Brown prophecy formula.
This instrument can be found online at: http://ir.library.oregonstate.edu/xmlui/handle/1957/41865
5=Strongly Agree‚ 4= Agree‚ 3= Undecided‚ 2= Disagree‚ 1= Strongly Disagree

Choichiro Yatani‚ 1982. Attitudes Toward Political Participation and Preference for Violence. Oregon State University. ma‎ster of Art Thesis.