Mode values inventory

Braithwaite and Law. 1985
Mode Values
A positive Orientation to others (alpha 0.89)
1.    Helpful (always ready to assist others)
2.    Tolerant (accepting others even though they may be different from you)
3.    Forgiving (willing to pardon others)
4.    Giving others a fair go (giving others a chance)
5.    Tactful (being able to deal with touchy situations without offending others)
6.    Considerate (being thoughtful of other people’s feelings)
7.    Cooperative (being able to work in harmony with others)
8.    Loving (showing genuine affection)
9.    Trusting (ha‎ving faith in others)
10.Grateful (being appreciative)
11.Understanding (able to share another’s feelings0
12.Friendly (being neighborly)
13.Generous (sharing what you have with others)
Competence and Effectiveness (alpha 0.89)
14.Bright (being quick thinking)
15.Adaptable (adjusting to change easily)
16.Competent (being capable)
17.Resourceful (being clever at finding ways to achieve a goal)
18.Self-disciplined (being self-controlled)
19.Efficient (always using the best method to get the best results)
20.Realistic (seeing each situation as it really is)
21.Knowledgeable (being well informed)
22.Persevering (not giving up in spite of difficulties)
23.Progressive (being prepared to accept and support new things)
24.Conscientious (being hardworking)
25.Logical (being rational)
26.Showing foresight (thinking and see ahead)
Propriety in Dress and Manners (alpha 0.83)
27.Polite (being well mannered)
28.Patriotic (being loyal to your country)
29.Prompt (being on time)
30.Refined (never being coarse or vulgar)
31.Clean (not ha‎ving dirty habits)
32.Neat (being tidy)
33.Reliable (being dependable)
Religious Commitment (alpha 0.68)
34.Committed (being dedicated to cause)
35.Devout (following your religious faith conscientiously)
36.Self-sacrificing (putting the interest of others before own)
37.Idealistic (living according to how things should be rather than how things are) 
Assertiveness (alpha 0.67)
38.Standing up for your beliefs (defending your beliefs no matter who opposes them)
39.ha‎ving your say (confidently stating your opinions)
40.Determined (standing by your decisions firmly)
Withdrawal From Others
41.Keeping to yourself (being content with your own company)
42.Independent (doing things on your own)
43.Acting on impulse (doing things on the spur of the moment)
44.Spontaneous (doing what comes naturally)
45.Cautious (not rushing into things)
46.Open (not hiding anything from anyone)
47.Honest (never cheating or lying)
48.Thrifty (being careful in spending money)
49.Never missing a chance: taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way)
Getting Ahead (alpha 0.59)
50.Ambitious (being eager to do well)
51.Competitive (always trying to do better than others) 
1= I reject this‚ 2= I am inclined to reject this‚ 3= I neither reject nor accept this‚ 4= I am inclined to accept this‚ 5= I accept this as important‚ 6= I accept this as very important‚ 7= I accept this as of the greatest importance

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