Motivations to Volunteer (MTV)

Motivations to Volunteer (MTV)
Cnaan and Goldberg-Glen‚ 1991
1.    This is an [excellent] educational experience.
2.    I agree with this organization’s specific goals and want to assist.
3.    If I did not volunteer there would be no one to carry out this volunteer work.
4.    I did not have anything else to do with my time.
5.    I was lonely.
6.    I have more free time now that kids have left home‚ retired‚ widowed‚ divorced.
7.    I wanted to gain practical experience toward paid employment or new career.
8.    I wanted to broaden my horizons.
9.    Being involved with this organization is considered prestigious.
10.Volunteering for others makes me feel better about myself.
11.Volunteering in this agency provides challenging activities.
12.Most people in my community volunteer.
13.Helping people in need improves my regard of my own situation.
14.Volunteering cr‎eates a better society.
15.My employer/school expects their employees/students to provide volunteer community service.
16.Volunteering is opportunity to right social [change] injustices.
17.Volunteering is opportunity to develop relationships with others.
18.Volunteering is an opportunity to work with different age groups.
19.Volunteering is an opportunity to do worthwhile.
20.Volunteering is an opportunity to return good fortune.
21.A relative or friend is/was a client of this organization.
22.I have past experience providing similar service.
23.I am able to relate to the patients/ situation because of my own similar experience.
24.This volunteering gave me an opportunity to vary my weekly activities.
25.Previous contact with professionals in this organization inspired me.
26.Volunteering for this agency enables it to provide more care for less money.
27.It’s a way of following a family tradition of helping those in need.
28.It is God’s expectation that people will help each other.
1- Strongly Disagree‚ 2- Disagree Somewhat‚ 3- Undecided‚ 4- Agree Somewhat‚ 5- Strongly Agree
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