Work Values Inventory

1.       Choosing what you will work on
2.       Appealing work hours
3.       Making decisions about other people
4.       Security about your job future
5.       Performing clearly defined tasks
6.       Financial security
7.       Working at various activities
8.       Trying new working methods
9.       Meeting new people
10.    A permanent employment contract
11.    Thinking up new things
12.    Work that gives you social standing
13.    Security about the future of your employer
14.    Being able to take a break when you feel the need to do so
15.    Friendly contact with colleagues
16.    Taking your time
17.    Taking leave when it best suits you
18.    ha‎ving a voice in important decisions
19.    Helping other people
20.    Being your own boss
21.    Getting new ideas
22.    Exciting work
23.    Doing one thing at a time
24.    Developing personally
25.    The building you work in is located in a nice area
26.    Determining for yourself when you will do something
27.    Pre-defined activities
28.    Working according to fixed rules
29.    Planning the work done by others
30.    A salary that is at least as good as that earned by others
31.    Work that other people look up to
32.    Developing your skills
33.    Personnel activities
34.    Working with people
35.    Doing something that is useful to society
36.    A year-end bonus
37.    Employment with a lot of structure
38.    Good parking facilities
39.    A safe building
40.    Being told what to do
41.    Acquiring new knowledge
42.    Rewards for excellent performances
43.    Being able to combine care responsibilities with work
44.    Independence
45.    Social recognition for your work
46.    Getting promotions
47.    A good relationship with your manager
48.    A temporary employment contract
49.    Doing easy work
50.    Doing your very best
51.    Warmth
52.    Serving others
53.    Being involved in various projects
54.    Being able to earn bonuses
55.    Bearing little responsibility
56.    Not ha‎ving to take other people into account
57.    A quiet workspace
58.    Working within a fixed framework
59.    A reliable employer
60.    A nice building
61.    Work that other people admire
62.    Determining for yourself what you will do
63.    Being forced to think
64.    Inventing things
65.    ha‎ving fun colleagues
66.    Making a difference for others
67.    Work that gives you status
68.    Adventurous work
69.    Distinguishing yourself from your colleagues
70.    Performing familiar activities
71.    Experimenting with different solutions and/or working methods
72.    Discovering new sides of yourself
73.    Clarity about your career
74.    Showing how good you are
75.    Being included in discussions about important topics
76.    Variation
77.    Performing well
78.    Earning lots of money
79.    Doing work that others believe is important
80.    Equipment like computers and copiers that work well
81.    Knowing where you will be in your career five years from now
82.    Determining what others do
83.    Doing new things
84.    Bearing responsibility
85.    Good leave arrangements
86.    Earning enough to buy nice things
87.    Following instructions
88.    Working alone
89.    Telling others what to do
90.    No risk of being fired for no reason
91.    Work that goes well with your private life
92.    Your own workspace
93.    Working for personal profit
94.    Thinking of your own interests
95.    Nice colleagues
96.    ha‎ving a fixed set of tasks
97.    A workspace with ambiance
98.    Rewarding ambition
99.    Working on a number of things at the same time
100.The feeling of belonging
101.A high salary scale
102.A good employee restaurant
103.Improving yourself
104.Getting along well with colleagues
105.Work that can be competitive
106.Not ha‎ving to think a lot
107.Clarity about what is to be done
108.Working according to a fixed method
109.Devoting effort to helping others
110.Attention for personal performance
111.Efforts are translated into the level of income
112.Feeling challenged
113.A salary that increases every year
114.Doing things that are easy for you
115.ha‎ving decision-making authority
116.A thirteenth month
117.An employment contract that your employer cannot easily terminate
118.A well-lighted workspace
119.Working at a single task
120.Making something original
121.Seeing the results of your work
122.Growing in your profession
123.ha‎ving influence within the organization
124.Chit-chatting with colleagues
125.Receiving clear instructions on how to do things
126.Thinking up innovative things
127.Being creative
128.Performing a variety of tasks
129.Work that does not cause conflicts at home
130.Putting your own ideas into your work
131.Using your fantasy
132.Being allowed to be unfriendly
134.Doing work that impresses others
135.Lots of vacation pay
136.Work hours that are keeping with your natural rhythm
137.A feeling of togetherness
138.Learning new things
139.A spacious workspace
140.Working according to a fixed routine
Autonomy‚ Creativity‚ Variety‚ Self-development‚ Structure‚ Security‚ Influence‚ Prestige‚ Performance‚ Financial reward‚ Work-life balance‚ Working conditions‚ Work relationships‚ Altruism
Totally unimportant‚ Unimportant‚ Important and unimportant‚ Important‚ Extremely important
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