Mental Health Inventory

1.    I feel lack of confidence.
2.    I get excited very easily.
3.    I am not able to take quick decision on any subject.
4.    I have affection and attachment with my neighbors.
5.    I mould myself according to circumstances.
6.    I feel that I am losing self-respect.
7.    I use to worry even about trivial matter for a long time.
8.    I am not able to take decision about my next step.
9.    I hesitate in meeting with others.
10.I do my duty well even in adverse circumstances.
11.I feel that I am not able to fully utilize my abilities in performing my different duties
12.In adverse circumstances‚ I act without keeping in view of the real facts
13.13 I feel irritation.
14.I feel to be insecure.
15.I am much worried about my responsibilities.
16.I feel depressed/ dejected.
17.I play important role in social ceremonies.
18.I utilize my relations even in difficult times.
19.I feel that my relations with others are not satisfactory.
20.My responsibilities are like burden to me.
21.I suffer from inferiority complex.
22.I am an used to be lost in world of imagination.
23.I am an anxious about my future.
24.My friends/relatives remain ready to help me in the difficult times.
25.I make definite plans about my future.
26.I am engaged even by the slightest unfavorable talks.
27.I take decision easily even in difficult circumstances.
28.I am not able to behave in such a way as my friends except from me.
29.I am satisfied with most of the aspects of my life.
30.My friends and colleagues have respect for me.
31.My confidence varies highly in quantity.
32.I am always ready to fight the problems.
33.I make impressions about people or issue even in absence of facts and grounds.
34.I am not able to concentrate fully in my works.
35.I feel inclined towards opposite sex.
36.I solve my problems myself
37.I fully cooperate in the important functions of my community
38.I am perplexed with my contradictory thoughts
39.I take decisions on the basis of facts even though they are contrary to my community.
40.I am not able to continue any task for long.
41.I feel myself secured amidst my friends /group.
42.I do not become hopeless even when I fail.
43.I consider myself useful for society.
44.I aspire for something without ha‎ving in view of my short comings.
45.I do not get influenced even by reasonable arguments.
46.I am not able to take such decision as I want to take.
47.I am afraid of imaginary calamities.
48.I feel that this world is a place good enough for passing life.
49.I feel full of enthusiasm to think that I will certainly achieve my objects
50.I do not get disappointed with the common worries of daily life.
51.My mood changes momentarily.
52.I myself decide what and how I should do.
53.I feel that my intimacy with my group community increasing gradually.
54.I feel pleasure in taking responsibilities.
Positive self-evaluation‚ perception of reality‚ integration of personality‚ autonomy‚ Group oriented attitudes‚ environmental ma‎stery
Positive self-evaluation (.75)‚ Perception of reality (.71)‚ Integration of personality (.72)‚ Autonomy (.72)‚ Group oriented attitudes (.74)‚ Environmental ma‎stery (.73)
Never‚ Sometimes‚ Most of times‚ Always

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