Mental Health Recovery Measure (MHRM)

1.    I work hard towards my mental health recovery.
2.    Even though there are hard days‚ things are improving for me.
3.    I ask for help when I am not feeling well.
4.    I take risks to move forward with my recovery.
5.    I believe in myself.
6.    I have control over my mental health problems.
7.    I am in control of my life.
8.    I socialize and make friends.
9.    Every day is a new opportunity for learning.
10.I still grow and change in positive ways despite my mental health problems.
11.Even though I may still have problems‚ I value myself as a person of worth.
12.I understand myself and have a good sense of who I am.
13.I eat nutritious meals every day.
14.I go out and participate in enjoyable activities every week.
15.I make the effort to get to know other people.
16.I am comfortable with my use of prescribed medications.
17.I feel good about myself.
18.The way I think about things helps me to achieve my goals.
19.My life is pretty normal.
20.I feel at peace with myself.
21.I maintain a positive attitude for weeks at a time.
22.My quality of life will get better in the future.
23.Every day that I get up‚ I do something productive.
24.I am making progress towards my goals.
25.When I am feeling low‚ my religious faith or spirituality helps me feel better.
26.My religious faith or spirituality supports my recovery.
27.I advocate for the rights of myself and others with mental health problems.
28.I engage in work or other activities that enrich myself and the world around me.
29.I cope effectively with stigma associated with ha‎ving a mental health problem.
30.I have enough money to spend on extra things or activities that enrich my life.
Overcoming Stuckness (alpha 0.60)‚ Self-Empowerment (alpha 0.82)  ‚ Learning and Self-Redefinition (alpha 0.79)‚ Basic Functioning (alpha 0.62)‚ Overall Well-Being (alpha 0.86)‚ and New Potentials (alpha 0.62). Advocacy/Enrichment(alpha 0.66)‚ and Spirituality (alpha 0.89)‚ Total (alpha 0.93)
Test- retest: 1 week r=0.91‚ 2 week r= 0.91
SD = Strongly Disagree D = Disagree NS = Not Sure A = Agree SA = Strongly Agree
This instrument can be found at:

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