Masculine Depression Scale (MDS)

1.            I don’t feel as powerful
2.            I’ve felt trapped
3.            When I am with people I don’t feel part of things
4.            I haven’t measured up
5.            I don’t feel as confident about my decisions
6.            I’ve felt like I am in a pit
7.            The odds are against me
8.            I’ve felt like things are out of my control
9.            I just can’t win
10.         I’ve been less interested in succeeding
11.         I am more tense than usual
12.         I feel like I won’t be able to keep up with my responsibilities
13.         I’ve felt like I have a heavy weight on my chest
14.         I’ve failed a lot
15.         I haven’t been interested in getting ahead
16.         I am not the man I used to be
17.         I haven’t felt anything
18.         I’ve pulled back from family and friends
19.         People don’t understand what is going on with me
20.         I’ve been numb
21.         I’ve had unexplained aches and pains
22.         I’ve been keeping to myself
23.         I keep hitting a wall
24.         I’ve had lots of reasons to cry‚ but I haven’t cried
25.         I haven’t felt like a sexual man
26.         My muscles have been tense
27.         I’ve been inadequate sexually
28.         No one gives me a break
29.         I am down but it seems best to keep it to myself
30.         I think about crying‚ but I can’t cry
31.         I’ve been concerned about my performance sexually
32.         I’ve gotten frequent headaches
33.         My body has been aching
34.         I’ve yelled at people or things
35.         I’ve had a short fuse
36.         I got so angry I smashed or punched something
37.         I don’t get sad‚ I get mad
38.         I have been drinking a lot
39.         I have used recreational drugs a lot
40.         It has been easier to focus on work or school than the rest of my life
41.         Alcohol or drugs have helped me feel better
42.         I’ve been under constant pressure
43.         I’ve needed to handle my problems on my own
44.         I’ve needed more sex than usual to feel good
Internalizing (alpha 0.96)‚ Externalizing (alpha 0.77)
1=none or little of the time‚ 2= some of the time‚ 3= most of the time‚ 4= all of the time

Magovcevic‚ Mariola.‚ Addis‚ Michael E. (2008). The Masculine Depression Scale: Development and Psychometric Evaluation. Psychology of Men & Masculinity‚ 9(3): 117–132