Major Depression Inventory (MDI)

1. Have you felt low in spirits or sad?
2. Have you lost interest in your daily activities?       
3. Have you felt lacking in energy and strength?       
4. Have you felt less self-confident?
5. Have you had a bad conscience or feelings of guilt?
6. Have you felt that life wasn’t worth living?
7. Have you had difficulty in concentrating?
8. Have you felt very restless?
9. Have you felt subdued or slowed down?
10. Have you had trouble sleeping at night?
11. Have you suffered from reduced appetite?
12. Have you suffered from increased appetite?       
This instrument can be found at:
All the time‚ Most of the time‚ Slightly more than half the time‚ Slightly less than half the time‚ Some of the time‚ At no time

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Olsen LR‚ Jensen DV‚ Noerholm V‚ Martiny K‚ Bech P. 2003.The internal and external validity of the Major Depression Inventory in measuring severity of depressive states. Psychol Med‚ 33‚ 351-356