Depression Self-Rating Scale for Children (DSRS)

1.    I look forward to things as much as I used to
2.    I sleep very well
3.    I feel like crying
4.    I like going out
5.    I feel like leaving home
6.    I get stomache-aches/cramps
7.    I have lots of energy
8.    I enjoy my food
9.    I can stick up for myself
10.I think life isn’t worth living
11.I am good at things I do
12.I enjoy the things I do as much as I used to
13.I like talking to my friends and family
14.I have horrible dreams
15.I feel very lonely
16.I am easily cheered up
17.I feel so sad I can hardly bear it
18.I feel very bored
Most of the time‚ sometimes‚  never
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Birleson P. Hudson I‚ Grey-Buchanan D‚ Wolff S. (1987) Clinical Evaluation of a Self-Rating Scale for Depressive Disorder in Childhood (Depression Self-Rating Scale). Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry‚ 28‚ 43-60

Birleson P (1981). The validity of Depressive Disorder in Childhood and the Development of a Self-Rating Scale; a Research Report. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. 22(1): 73–88.