Levenson IPC Scale

Levenson IPC Scale
Multidimensional Locus of Control Scale
The internal‚ powerful others‚ and chance scale
Hanna Levenson (1973)
 Following is a series of attitude statements. Each represents a commonly held opinion.
There are no right or wrong answers. You will probably agree with some items and disagree with others. We are interested in the extent to which you agree or disagree with such matters of opinion.
 Read each statement carefully. Then indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree using the following responses:
 If you agree strongly‚ respond +3
If you agree somewhat‚ respond +2
If you agree slightly‚ respond +1
 If you disagree slightly‚ respond –1
If you disagree somewhat‚ respond –2
If you disagree strongly‚ respond –3
 First impressions are usually best. Read each statement‚ decide if you agree or disagree and the strength of your opinion‚ and then respond accordingly
1. Whether or not I get to be a leader depends mostly on my ability
2. To a great extent my life is controlled by accidental happenings
3. I feel like what happens in my life is mostly determined by powerful people
4. Whether or not I get in to a car accident depends mostly on how good of a driver I am
5. When I make plans‚ I am almost certain to make them work
6. Often there is no chance of protecting my personal interests from bad luck happening
7. When I get what I want‚ it’s usually because I am lucky
8. Although I might have good ability‚ I will not be given leadership responsibility without appealing to those positions of power
9. How many friends I have depends on how nice a person I am
10. I have often found that what is going to happen will happen
11. My life is chiefly controlled by powerful others
12. Whether or not I get into a car accident is mostly a matter of luck
13. People like myself have very little chance of protecting our personal interests when they conflict with those of strong pressure groups
14. It’s not always wise for me to plan too far ahead because many things turn out to be a matter of good or bad fortune
15. Getting what I want requires pleasing those people above me
16. Whether or not I get to be leader depends on whether I am lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time
17. If important people were to decide they didn’t like me‚ I probably wouldn’t make many friends
18. I can pretty much determine what will happen in my life
19. I am usually able to protect my personal interests
20. Whether or not I get in a car accident depends mostly on the other driver
21. When I get what I want‚ it is usually because I worked hard for it.
22. In order to have my plans work‚ I make sure that they fit in with the desires of people who have power over me
23. My life is determined by my own actions
24. It’s chiefly a matter of fate whether or not I have few friends or many friends.

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