Index of Self Esteem (ISE)

1.    I feel that people would not like me if they really knew me well
2.    I feel that others get along much better than I do
3.    I feel that I am a beautiful person
4.    When I am with other people I feel they are glad I am with them
5.    I feel that people really like to talk with me
6.    I feel that I am a very competent person
7.    I think I make a good impression on others
8.    I feel that I need more self-confidence
9.    When I am with strangers I am very nervous
10.I think that I am a dull person
11.I feel ugly
12.I feel that others have more fun than I do
13.I feel that I bore people
14.I think my friends find me interesting
15.I think I have a good sense of humor
16.I feel very self-conscious when I am with strangers
17.I feel that if I could be more like other people I would have it made
18.I feel that people have a good time when they are with me
19.I feel like a wallflower when I go out
20.I feel I get pushed around more than others
21.I think I am a rather nice person
22.I feel that people really like me very much
23.I feel that I am a likeable person
24.I am afraid I will appear foolish to others
25.My friends think very highly of me
1= Rarely or none of the time‚ 2= A little of the time‚ 3= Some of the time‚ 4= A good part of the time‚ 5= Most or all of the time
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