Goal and Social Valued Inventories

Braithwaite and Law. 1985
International Harmony and Equality (alpha 0.83)
1.    A good life for others (improving the welfare of all people in need)
2.    Rule by the people (involvement by all citizens in making decisions that affect their community)
3.    International cooperation (ha‎ving all nations working together to help each other)
4.    Social progress and social reform ( readiness to change our way of life for the better)
5.    A world at peace (being free from war and conflict)
6.    A world of beauty (ha‎ving the beauty of nature and of the arts (music‚ literature‚ art‚ etc.)
7.    Human dignity (allowing each individual to be treated as someone of worth)
8.    Equal opportunity for all (giving everyone an equal chance in life)
9.    Greater economic equality (lessening the gap between the rich and the poor)
10.Preserving the natural environment (preventing the destruction of nature’s beauty and resources)
National Strength and Order (alpha 0.81)
11.National greatness (being a united‚ strong‚ independent‚ and powerful nation)
12.National economic development (ha‎ving greater economic progress and prosperity for the nation)
13.The rule of law (punishing the guilty and protecting the innocent)
14.National security (protection of your nation from enemies)
Traditional religiosity (alpha 0.70)
15.Salvation (being saved from your sins and at peace with God)
16.Religious or mystical experience (being at one with God or the universe)
17.Upholding traditional sexual moral standards (opposing sexual permissiveness and pornography)
18.Sexual intimacy (ha‎ving a satisfying sexual relationship)
Personal growth and inner harmony (alpha 0.73)
19.Self-knowledge or self-insight (being more aware of what sort of person you are)
20.The pursuit of knowledge (always trying to find out new things about the world we live in)
21.Inner harmony (feeling free of conflict within yourself)
22.Self-improvement (striving to be a better person)
23.Wisdom (ha‎ving a mature understanding .of life)
24.Self-respect (believing in your own worth)
Physical well-being (alpha 0.74)
25.Physical development (being physically fit)
26.Good health (physical well-being)
27.Physical exercise (taking part in energetic activity)
Social Standing (alpha 0.65)
28.Recognition by the community (ha‎ving high standing in the community)
29.Economic prosperity (being financially well off)
30.Authority (ha‎ving power to influence others and control decisions)
Secure and Satisfying interpersonal relationships (alpha 0.68)
31.Mature love (ha‎ving a relationship of deep and lasting affection)
32.True friendship (ha‎ving genuine and close friends)
33.Personal support (knowing that there is someone to take care of you
34.Security for loved ones (taking care of loved ones)
35.Acceptance by others (feeling that you belong)
Social Simulation (alpha 0.53)
36.An active social life (mixing with other people)
37.An exciting life (a life full of new experience or adventures)
Individual Rights
38.Privacy for yourself (being able to keep your business to yourself)
39.A sense of ownership (knowing that the things you need and use belong to you)
40.A leisurely life (being free from pressure and stress)
41.Carefree enjoyment (being free to indulge in the pleasures of life)
42.The protection of human life (taking care to preserve your own life and the life of others)
43.Comfort but not luxury (being satisfied with the simple pleasures of life)
1= I reject this‚ 2= I am inclined to reject this‚ 3= I neither reject nor accept this‚ 4= I am inclined to accept this‚ 5= I accept this as important‚ 6= I accept this as very important‚ 7= I accept this as of the greatest importance
This instrument can be found at: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/232599525

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