Four Needs Questionnaire

Zadro‚ Williams‚ & Rich‎ardson‚ 2004
Adopted by Neff‚ 2012
1. What percent of the throws were thrown to you? ____
2. To what extent were you included by the other participants during the game? _____
1. I felt poorly accepted by the other participants.
2. I felt as though I had made a “connection” or bonded with one or more of the participants during the Cyberball game.
3. I felt like an outsider during the Cyberball game.
4. I felt that I was able to throw the ball as often as I wanted during the game.
5. I felt somewhat frustrated during the Cyberball game.
6. I felt in control during the Cyberball game.
7. During the Cyberball game‚ I felt good about myself.
8. I felt that the other participants failed to perceive me as a worthy and likeable person.
9. I felt somewhat inadequate during the Cyberball game.
10. I felt my performance [e.g.‚ catching the ball‚ deciding whom to throw the ball to] had some effect on the direction of the game.
11. I felt non-existent during the Cyberball game.
12. I felt as though my existence was meaningless during the Cyberball game.
13. I felt angry during the Cyberball game.
14. I enjoyed playing the Cyberball game.
belonging (α = .74)‚ Control (α =.72)‚ self-esteem (α = .70)‚ and meaningful existence (α = .66). Lisa Zadro et al‚ 2004
Not at All 1‚ 2‚ 3‚ 4‚ 5‚ 6‚ 7‚ 8‚ 9 Very Much So

Zadro‚ L.‚ Williams‚ K.D.‚ & Rich‎ardson‚ R. (2004). How low can you go? Ostracism by a computer is sufficient to lower self-reported levels of belonging‚ control‚ self-esteem‚ and meaningful existence. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology‚ 40‚ 560-567.

Neff. Kayleigh.‚ (2012). The Impact of Ostracism on Stigma Consciousness and Rejection Sensitivity. The College at Brockport. Senior Honors Thesis.