Family Needs Questionnaire (FNQ)

1.    To be shown that medical‚ education or rehab. staff respect the patient’s needs or wishes.
2.    To be told daily what is being done w/the patient.
3.    To give my opinions daily to others involved in patients’ Care‚ rehabilitation‚ or education
4.    To be told about all changes in the patient’s medical status.
5.    To be assured that the best possible medical care is being given to the patient.
6.    To have explanations from professionals given in Terms I understand.
7.    To have my questions answered honestly.
8.    To be shown that my opinions are used in planning the patient’s treatment‚ rehabilitation or education.
9.    To have a professional to turn to for advice or services when The patient needs help.
10.To have complete information on the medical care of traumatic injuries (e.g.‚ medications‚ injections‚ or surgery).
11.To have complete information on the patient’s physical problems (e.g.‚ medications‚ injections‚ surgery)
12.To have complete information on the patient’s problems in thinking (e.g. confusion‚ memory‚ or communication)
13.To have complete information on drug or alcohol problems and treatment.
14.To be told how long each of the patient’s problems are expected to last.
15.To be shown what to do when the patient is upset or acting strange.
16.To have information on the patient’s rehabilitative or educational progress.
17.To have help in deciding how much to let the patient do by himself/herself.
18.To have enough resources for the patient (e.g. rehab. programs‚ physical therapy‚ counseling.‚ job counseling)
19.To have enough resources for myself of the family (e.g. financial or legal counseling‚ respite care‚ counseling‚ nursing)
20.To have help keeping house (e.g. shopping‚ cleaning‚ cooking)
21.To have help from other members of the family unit in taking care of the patient.
22.To get enough rest or sleep.
23.To get a break from my problems/responsibilities.
24.To spend time with my friends.
25.To pay attention to my own needs‚ jobs or interests.
26.To have my significant other understand how difficult it is For me.
27.To have my partner or friends understand his/her problems.
28.To have other family members understand the patient’s problems.
29.To have the patient’s friends understand his/her problems.
30.To have the patient’s employer‚ coworkers or teachers understand his/her problems/
31.To discuss my feelings about the patient with someone who has gone through the same experience.
32.To discuss my feelings about the patient w/other friends/ family.
33.To be reassured that it is usual to have strong feelings about the patient.
34.Help getting over my doubts and fears about the future.
35.Help in remaining hopeful about the patient’s future.
36.Help preparing for the worst.
37.To be encouraged to ask other to help out.
need for health information‚ need for emotional support‚ need for instrumental support‚ need for professional support‚ need for a community support network‚ and need forinvolvement with care.
Has this need been met?  “Yes‚” “Partly‚” or “No”
This instrument can be found at: & Meade et al.‚ 2004

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