Self–Other Four Immeasurable Scale (SOFI)

Self–Other Four Immeasurables Scale (SOFI)
Kraus & Sears‚ 2009
Indicate to what extent you have thought‚ felt‚ or acted this way toward yourself and others during the past week.
Friendly—toward myself
Friendly—toward others
Hateful—toward myself
Hateful—toward others
Angry—with myself
Angry—with others
Joyful—for myself
Joyful—for others
Accepting—toward myself
Accepting—toward others
Cruel—toward myself
Cruel—toward others
Compassionate—toward myself
Compassionate—toward others
Mean—toward myself
Mean—toward others
Positive Self (0.86); Negative Self (0.85); Positive Other (0.80); Negative Other (0.82)
1= Very Slightly or Not At All‚ 2= A Little‚ 3= Moderately‚ 4=Quite a Bit‚ 5= Extremely  

Kraus‚ S.‚ & Sears‚ S. (2009). Measuring the immeasurables: Development and initial validation of the Self–Other Four Immeasurables (SOFI) Scale based on Buddhist teachings on loving kindness‚ compassion‚ joy‚ and equanimity. Social Indicators Research‚ 92‚ 169–181‚

Kraus & Sears‚ (2009). Self–Other Four Immeasurables. In: Simmons C. A.‚ Lehmann P. (eds). Tools for strengths-based assessment and evaluation‚ New York‚ NY: Springer‚ pp. 179-181. (2013). Google Scholar