Fear of Negative Appearance Evaluation Scale (FNAES)

1. I am concerned about what other people think of my appearance.
2. It bothers me if I know someone is judging my physical shape.
3. I worry that people will find fault with the way I look.
4. When I meet new people‚ I wonder what they think about my appearance.
5. I am afraid other people will notice my physical flaws.
6. I think that other people’s opinions of my appearance are too important to me.
This instrument can be found online at: https://sites.google.com/site/bodyimageresearchgroup/measures
1=Not At All‚ 2=Slightly‚ 3=Moderately‚ 4=Very‚ 5=Extremely
For a copy of this measure contact:
J. Kevin Thompson‚ Ph.D
Department of Psychology
University of South Florida
4202 Fowler Ave
Tampa‚ FL 33620-8200

Lundgren JD‚ Anderson DA‚ Thompson JK.2004. Fear of negative appearance evaluation: development and evaluation of a new construct for risk factor work in the field of eating disorders. Eat Behav. 2004 Jan;5(1):75-84.