Life Distress Inventory (LDI)

This scale is intended to estimate your current level of distress with each of the eighteen areas of your life listed below.
Relationship to spouse
Relationship to children
Relationship to other relatives
Household management
Financial situation
Social life
Management of time
Physical health
Personal independence
Role of alcohol in home
Satisfaction with life
Expectations for
Social functioning‚ Life satisfaction‚ Finances and employment‚ and Marital distress
Social Functioning (8 items) = alpha .87; Life Satisfaction (5 items) = alpha .82; Finance and Employment (2items) = alpha .77; and Marital Distress (3 items) = alpha .80; and Total LDI (18 items) = alpha .89. The meanof the inter-item correlation was .47 with a range of .27 to .66.
7= The most distress I’ve ever felt‚ 6= Extremely distressed‚ 5= Very distressed‚ 4= Moderately distressed‚ 3= Somewhat distressed‚ 2= Very little distressed‚ 1= No distress

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