Family Empowerment Scale (FES)

1.    I feel that I have a right to approve all services my child receives
2.    When problems arise with my child‚ I handle them pretty well.
3.    I feel I can have a part in improving services for children in my community.
4.    I feel confident in my ability to help my child grow and develop.
5.    I know the steps to take when I am concerned my child is receiving poor services.
6.    I make sure that professionals understand my opinions about what services my child needs.
7.    I know what to do when problems arise with my child.
8.    I get in touch with my legislators when important bills or issues concerning children are pending.
9.    I feel my family life is under control
10.I understand how the service system for children is organized.
11.I am able to make good decisions about what services my child needs.
12.I am able to work with agencies and professionals to decide what services my child needs.
13.I make sure I stay in regular contact with professionals who are providing services to my child.
14.I have ideas about the ideal service system for children.
15.I help other families get the services they need.
16.I am able to get information to help me better understand my child.
17.I believe that other parents and I can have an influence on services for children.
18.My opinion is just as important as professionals’ opinions in deciding what services my child needs.
19.I tell professionals what I think about services being provided to my child.
20.I tell people in agencies and government how services for children can be improved.
21.I believe I can solve problems with my child when they happen.
22.I know how to get agency administrators or legislators to listen to me.
23.I know what services my child needs.
24.I know what the rights of parent and children are under the special education laws.
25.I feel that my knowledge and experience as a parent can be used to improve services for children and families.
26.When I need help with problems in my family‚ I am able to ask for help from others.
27.I make efforts to learn new ways to help my child grow and develop.
28.When necessary‚ I take the initiative in looking for services for my child and family.
29.When dealing with my child‚ I focus on the good things as well as the problems.
30.I have a good understanding of the services system that my child is involved in.
31.When faced with a problem involving my child‚ I decide what to do and then do it.
32.Professionals should ask me what services I want for my child.
33.I have a good understanding of my child’s disorders.
34.I feel I am a good parent.
1=Not True at all‚ 2= Mostly not True‚ 3=Somewhat True‚ 4= Mostly True‚ 5= Very True
The items within each area are as follows: Family: 2‚4‚7‚9‚16‚21‚26‚27‚29‚31‚33‚34; Service System: 1‚5‚6‚11‚12‚13‚18‚19‚23‚28‚30‚32; Community/Political: 3‚8‚10‚14‚15‚17‚20‚22‚24‚25

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