Courage to Challenge Scale

1.    I believe that things usually turn out for the best.
2.    Dealing with difficult situations has helped me grow in positive ways.
3.    When I encounter people’s hostile attitudes‚ I can control my reactions.
4.    When people don’t support me‚ it doesn’t stop me from going ahead with my goals.
5.    I guess I’m pretty tough because I’ve gotten through some hard times.
6.    I don’t let fear rule my life.
7.    Believing in myself helps me get through hard times.
8.    I’m determined to reach my goals in life.
9.    I’m convinced that if you put your mind to it‚ you can do almost anything.
10.I have the courage to stand up for what’s right
11.It’s important to me to be honest about who I am.
12.When people don’t support me‚ it doesn’t get me down.
13.Getting through tough times prepares me for future challenges.
14.My sense of humor helps get me through tough times.
15.Integrity is not an important personal value of mine.
16.Even in the midst of very stressful times‚ I can find something to laugh about.
17.I guess I have spirit . . . It’s hard to keep me down.
18.Finding the courage to come out has made me a much better person. 
Strongly Agree‚ Agree‚ Mildly Agree‚ Neutral‚ Mildly Disagree‚ Disagree‚ Strongly Disagree

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