Community Involvement

Community Involvement
This subscale is part of the Youth Asset Survey. Oman‚ Vesley‚ McLeroy‚ et al.‚2002
1. You work to make your community a better place.
2. You volunteer on a regular basis to help others in your community.
3. You know where to volunteer in your community.
4. You are a person who tells others about your community.
5. You participate in out of school clubs such as boy scouts‚ volunteer‚ or community service groups.
6. You are a person who is proud to be part of your community.
  • community
  • prosocial
This instrument can be found on page 138-139 of Assessing Outcomes in Child and Youth Programs: A Practical Handbook‚ available online at:
1= Not at all like you to 4= Very much like you

Oman‚ R. F.‚ Vesely‚ S.K.‚ McLeroy‚ K.R.‚ Harris-Wyatt‚ V.‚ Aspy‚ C.B.‚ Rodine‚ S. & Marshall‚ L. (2002). Reliability and validity of the youth asset survey. Journal of Adolescent Health (31)‚ 247-255.