Commentary Interpretation Scale (CIS)

1. Did you study for that test?
2. You have an unusual look about you.
3. You’re so talkative.
4. Are you going to eat all of that?
5. If you put in more effort‚ I’m sure you’d be very successful.
6. I didn’t even recognize you!
7. You seem unusually witty today.
8. Are you wearing any makeup?
9. You sure did ask a lot of questions in class today.
10. Did you hear about that new diet?
11. You’re so sensitive.
12. It would be healthy for you to work out
13. Are you stressed out about school?
14. You’re very muscular.
15. You’re acting like a different person these days.
16. Did you get some sleep last night?
The CIS is a 16-item scale that measures the negativity of the interpretation of ambiguous statements.
This instrument can be found on page 155 of The development and validation of the Verbal Commentary on Physical Appearance Scale‚ available online at:
1=Very Positive‚ 2=Somewhat Positive‚ 3=Neutral‚ 4=Somewhat Negative‚ 5= Very Negative
For a copy of the scale‚ please contact: [email protected]

Wood‚ K.C.‚ Altabe‚ M.‚ & Thompson‚ J.K. (1998). The Commentary Interpretation Scale: A measure of judgment of neutral appearance commentary. Unpublished manuscript‚ University of South Florida.

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