Body-Cathexis Scale (BC-SC)

Hair/ width of shoulders/ facial complexion/ arms/ appetite/ chest/ hands/ eyes/ distribution of hair over body/ digestion/ hips/ nose/ skin texture/ fingers/ lips/ elimination/ legs/ wrists/ teeth/ waist/ forehead/ energy level/ feet/ back/ sleep/ ears/ voice/ chin/ health/ exercise/ sex activities/ ankles/ knees/ neck/ posture/ shape of head/ face/ body build/ weight/ profile/ sex (male or female)/ height/ back view of head/ age/ trunk
first name/ morals/ ability to express self/ taste in clothes/ sense of duty/ sophistication/ self-understanding/ life-goals/ artistic talents/ tolerance/ moods/ general knowledge/ popularity/ imagination/ self-confidence/ sensitivity to opinions of others/ ability to lead/ last name/ impulses/ manners/ handwriting/ intelligence level/ athletic skills/ happiness/ creativity/ love life/ strength of conviction/ conscience/ skill with hands
1.    Have strong feelings and wish change could somehow be made.
2.    Don't like‚ but can put up with.
3.    Have no particular feelings one way or the other.
4.    Am satisfied.
5.    Consider myself fortunate.

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