Fatigue Questionnaire (CIS 20R)

During the past two weeks.
1.    I feel tired*
2.    I feel very active
3.    Thinking requires effort*
4.    Physically I feel exhausted*
5.    I feel like doing all kinds of nice things
6.    I feel fit
7.    I do quite a lot within a day
8.    When I am doing something‚ I can concentrate quite well
9.    I feel weak*
10.I don’t do much during the day*
11.I can concentrate well
12.I feel rested
13.I have trouble concentrating*
14.Physically I feel I am in a bad condition*
15.I am full of plans
16.I get tired very quickly*
17.I have a low output*
18.I feel no desire to do anything*
19.My thoughts easily wander*
20.Physically I feel in a good shape
* Reverse scored
yes‚ that is true 1_ 2_ 3_ 4_ 5_ 6_ 7 no‚ that is not true

Beurskens‚ A. J.‚ Bültmann‚ U.‚ Kant‚ I.‚ Vercoulen‚ J. H.‚ Bleijenberg‚ G.‚ Swaen‚ G M H. (2000). Fatigue among working people: validity of a questionnaire measure. Occupational Environmental Medicine‚ 57(5)‚ 353–357