Client Satisfaction Inventory (CSI)

Client Satisfaction Inventory (CSI)
McMurtry and Hudson‚ 1994
1.    The services I get here are a big help to me.
2.    People here really seem to care about me.
3.    I would come back here if I need help again.
4.    I feel that no one here really listens to me
5.    People here treat me like a person‚ not like a number.
6.    I have learned a lot here about how to deal with my problems.
7.     People here want to do things their way‚ Instead of helping me find my way.
8.    I would recommend‚ this place to people I care about.
9.    People here really know what they are doing.
10.I get the kind of help here that I really need.
11.People here accept me for who I am.
12.I feel much better now than when I first came here.
13.I thought no one could help me until I came here.
14.The help I gel here is really worth what it costs.
15. People here put my needs ahead of their needs.
16.People here put me down when I disagree with them.
17.The biggest help I get here is learning how to help myself.
18.People here are just trying to get rid of me.
19.People who know me say this place has made a positive change in me.
20.People here have shown me how to get help from other places.
21.People here seem to understand how I feel.
22.People here are only concerned about gelling paid.
23.I feed I can really talk to people here.
24.The help I get here is better than I expected.
25.I look forward to the sessions I have with people here.
Items 2‚ 3‚ 8‚ 9‚ 10‚ 11‚ 21‚ 23‚ and 24 
1=none of the time‚ 2= very rarely‚ 3= A little of the time‚ 4= Some of the time‚ 5= A good part of the time‚ 6= Most of the time‚ 7=all of the time.
reverse Items 4‚ 7‚ 16‚ 18‚ and 22 on the full version
S = (Sum (Y) – N)(100)/[(N)(6)]

McMurtry‚ Steven L. (1994). Client Satisfaction Inventory (CSI). Tallahassee‚FL: Walmyer Publications.

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