Brief Perceived Ethnic Discrimination Questionnaire-Community Version (Brief PEDQ-CV)

Brief Perceived Ethnic Discrimination Questionnaire-Community Version (Brief PEDQ-CV)
Brondolo‚ E.‚ Kelly‚ K. P.‚ Coakley‚ V.‚ Gordon‚ T.‚ Thompson‚ S.‚ Levy‚ E. (2005)
Think about your ethnicity/race. What group do you belong to? Do you think of yourself as: Asian? Black? Latino? White? Native American? American? Caribbean? Irish? Italian? Korean? Another group?
Your Ethnicity/Race: ____________________________________
How often have any of the things listed below ever happened to you‚ because of your ethnicity?
A. How often . . .
1. Have you been treated unfairly by teachers‚ principals‚ or other staff at school?
2. Have others thought you couldn’t do things or handle a job?
3. Have others threatened to hurt you (ex: said they would hit you)?
4. Have others actually hurt you or tried to hurt you (ex: kicked or hit you)?
5. Have policeman or security officers been unfair to you?
6. Have others threatened to damage your property?
7. Have others actually damaged your property?
8. Have others made you feel like an outsider who doesn’t fit in because of your dress‚ speech‚ or other ch‎aracteristics related to your ethnicity?
9. Have you been treated unfairly by co-workers or classmates?
10. Have others hinted that you are dishonest or can’t be trusted?
11. Have people been nice to your face‚ but said bad things about you behind your back?
12. Have people who speak a different language made you feel like an outsider?
13. Have others ignored you or not paid attention to you?
14. Has your boss or supervisor been unfair to you?
15. Have others hinted that you must not be clean
16. Have people not trusted you?
17. Has it been hinted that you must be lazy?
If you would like to tell us more about your experiences of discrimination‚ please write your story here:
Full‚ Community‚ Student
(1) Lifetime exposure .87 .87 .88
(2) Exclusion/rejection .70‚ .70‚ .69
(3) Stigmatization/devaluation .74‚ .70‚ .78
(4) Discrimination at work/school .69‚  .71‚ .65
(5) Threat/aggression .80 ‚ .75‚  .88
·         race or ethnicity
·         Discrimination
This instrument can be found on pages 142-145 of Latino Families and Youth: A Compendium of Assessment Tools‚ available online at:
1 = Never happened 3 = Sometimes 5 = Happened very often.

Elizabeth Brondolo‚ Kim P. Kelly‚ Vonetta Coakley‚ Tamar Gordon‚ Shola Thompson‚ Erika Levy‚ Andrea Cassells‚ Jonathan N. Tobin‚ Monica Sweeney andRich‎ard J. Contrada. (2005). The Perceived Ethnic Discrimination Questionnaire: Development and preliminary

validation of a community version. Journal of Applied Social Psychology‚ 35(2)‚ 335-365.