Body-Centred Countertransference Scale

Primary use / Purpose:

To assess bodily or somatic reactions which therapists` or health care professional have to clients or patients within a therapy session


Cronbach’s alpha of .71 Highly correlated to other measures of countertransference

Author of Tool:

Jonathan Egan and Alan Carr

Key references:

Feeling it: body-centred countertransference in a sample of Irish clinical psychologists
J Egan, A Booth, T Trimble – Irish Psychologist, 2010
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Egan and Carr Body-centred Countertransference Scale (2005)

For each item in the scale, please place a tick in the box that applies to you.  Remember that it is only bodily reactions that have happened to you


‘This has never happened to me when in the last six  months’


‘Yes, this has happened to me at least once in the last six months, but not that often’


‘Yes, this has happened a few times in the last six months’


‘Yes, this has happened often in the last six months’

1 Muscle Tension        
2 Sleepiness        
3 Yawning        
4 Tearfulness        
5 Unexpectedly shifting your body        
6 Headache        
7 Stomach Disturbance        
8 Throat Constriction        
9 Raised Voice        
10 Dizziness        
11 Loss of Voice        
12 Aches in Joints        
13 Nausea        
14 Numbness        
15 Sexual Arousal        
16 Genital Pain        
17 Other, please specify