Big Five Inventory –BFI

Description of Measure:

44-item inventory that measures an individual on the Big Five Factors (dimensions) of personality (Goldberg, 1993). Each of the factors is then further divided into personality facets.

The Big Five Factors are (chart recreated from John & Srivastava, 1999):

Big Five Dimensions Facet (and correlated trait adjective)
Extraversion vs. introversion Gregariousness (sociable) Assertiveness (forceful) Activity (energetic)

Excitement-seeking (adventurous) Positive emotions (enthusiastic)

Warmth (outgoing)

Agreeableness vs. antagonism Trust (forgiving) Straightforwardness (not demanding) Altruism (warm)

Compliance (not stubborn) Modesty (not show-off)

Tender-mindedness (sympathetic)

Conscientiousness vs. lack of direction Competence (efficient) Order (organized) Dutifulness (not careless)

Achievement striving (thorough)

Self-discipline (not lazy) Deliberation (not impulsive)

Neuroticism vs. emotional stability Anxiety (tense)

Angry hostility (irritable) Depression (not contented) Self-consciousness (shy) Impulsiveness (moody)

Vulnerability (not self-confident)

Openness vs. closedness to experience Ideas (curious) Fantasy (imaginative) Aesthetics (artistic)

Actions (wide interests) Feelings (excitable)

Values (unconventional)

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The Big Five Inventory (BFI)

Here are a number of characteristics that may or may not apply to you. For example, do you agree that you are someone who likes to spend time with others? Please write a number next to each statement to indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with that statement.

  • Disagree strongly
  • Disagree a little
  • Neither agree nor disagree
  • Agree a little
  • Agree Strongly
I see myself as someone who…
1. Is talkative
2. Tends to find fault with others
3. Does a thorough job
4. Is depressed‚ blue
5. Is original‚ comes up with new ideas
6. Is reserved
7. Is helpful and unselfish with others
8. Can be somewhat careless
9. Is relaxed‚ handles stress well
10. Is curious about many different things
11. Is full of energy
12. Starts quarrels with others
13. Is a reliable worker
14. Can be tense
15. Is ingenious‚ a deep thinker
16. Generates a lot of enthusiasm
17. Has a forgiving nature
18. Tends to be disorganized
19. Worries a lot
20. Has an active imagination
21. Tends to be quiet
22. Is generally trusting
23. Tends to be lazy
24. Is emotionally stable‚ not easily upset
25. Is inventive
26. Has an assertive personality
27. Can be cold and aloof
28. Perseveres until the task is finished
29. Can be moody
30. Values artistic‚ aesthetic experiences
31. Is sometimes shy‚ inhibited
32. Is considerate and kind to almost everyone
33. Does things efficiently
34. Remains calm in tense situations
35. Prefers work that is routine
36. Is outgoing‚ sociable
37. Is sometimes rude to others
38. Makes plans and follows through with them
39. Gets nervous easily
40. Likes to reflect‚ play with ideas
41. Has few artistic interests
42. Likes to cooperate with others
43. Is easily distracted
44. Is sophisticated in art‚ music‚ or Literature
This instrument can be found on page 112 of “Forgiveness and the Bottle: Promoting Self forgiveness with Alcohol Misuse.”. Available online at:
1=Disagree A Lot‚ 2=Disagree A Little‚ 3=Neutral‚ 4=Agree A Little‚ 5=Agree A Lot
Openness = mean of items 5‚ 10‚ 15‚ 20‚ 25‚ 30‚ 35(r)‚ 40‚ 41(r)‚ 44
Conscientiousness = means of items 3‚ 8(r)‚ 13‚ 18(r)‚ 23(r)‚ 28‚ 33‚ 38‚ 43(r)
Extraversion = means of items 1‚ 6(r)‚ 11‚ 16‚ 21‚ 26‚ 31(r)‚ 36
Agreeableness = means of items 2(r)‚ 7‚ 12(r)‚ 17‚ 22‚ 27(r)‚ 32‚ 37(r)‚ 42
Neuroticism = means of items 4‚ 9(r)‚ 14‚ 19‚ 24(r)‚ 29‚ 34(r)‚ 39

John‚ O. P.‚ & Srivastava‚ S. (1999). The big five trait taxonomy: History‚ measurement‚ and theoretical perspectives. In L. A. Pervin & O. P. John (Eds.)‚ Handbook of Personality: Theory and Research (2nd ed.‚ pp. 102-138). New York: Guilford Press.

Scherer. Michael‚ “Forgiveness and the Bottle: Promoting Self-forgiveness with Alcohol Misuse” (2010). Virginia Commonwealth University‚ Theses and Dissertations. Paper 2109.