Attitudes Toward Blacks (ATB)

Attitudes Toward Blacks (ATB)
Brigham‚ 1993
1.    If a black were put in ch‎arge of me‚ I would not mind taking advice and direction from him or her.
2.    If I had a chance to introduce black visitors to my friends and neighbors‚ I would be pleased to do so.
3.    I would rather not have blacks live in the same apartment building I live in.
4.    I would probably feel somewhat self-conscious dancing with a black in a public place.
5.    I would not mind it at all if a black family with about the same income and education as me moved in next door.
6.    I think that black people look more similar to each other than white people do.
7.    Interracial marriage should be discouraged to avoid the “who-am-I?” confusion which the children feel.
8.    I get very upset when I hear a white make a prejudicial remark about blacks.
9.    I favor open housing laws that allow more racial integration of neighborhoods.
10.It would not bother me if my new roommate was black.
11.It is likely that blacks will bring violence to neighborhoods when they move in.
12.I enjoy a funny racial joke‚ even if some people might find it offensive.
13.The federal government should take decisive steps to override the injustices blacks suffer at the hands of local authorities.
14.Black and white people are inherently equal.
15.Black people are demanding too much too fast in their push for equal rights.
16.Whites should support blacks in their struggle against discrimination and segregation.
17.Generally‚ blacks are not as smart as whites.
18.I worry that in the next few years I may be denied my application for a job or a promotion because of preferential treatment given to minority group members.
19.Racial integration (of schools‚ businesses‚ residences‚ etc.) has benefitted both whites and blacks.
20.Some blacks are so touchy about race that it is difficult to get along with them.
social distance‚ affective reactions‚ governmental policy‚ and worry about reverse discrimination
Cronbach’s alpha coefficient of  0.82
(strongly disagree) to (strongly agree)

Brigham‚ J. C. (1993). College students’ racial attitudes. Journal of Applied Social Psychology‚ 23‚ 1933-1967.

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