Friend Anti Dieting Scale (FADS)

Friend Anti-Dieting Scale
1.         How often do your friends discourage you from going on a diet?
2.         How often do your friends talk about reasons why dieting can be dangerous?
3.         How often do your friends encourage you to put on weight?
4.         How often do your friends tell you not to diet because it’s unhealthy?
5.         How often do your friends give you ideas on how to lose weight by eating certain foods or cutting down what you eat?*
* reverse scored ..
This instrument can be found online at:
 1= Never‚ 2=Not much‚ 3=Sometimes‚ 4=Often‚ 5=Very
For a copy of this measure contact:
J. Kevin Thompson‚ Ph.D
Department of Psychology
University of South Florida
4202 Fowler Ave
Tampa‚ FL 33620-8200

From Thompson‚ J. K.‚ Shroff‚ H.‚ Herbozo‚ S.‚ Cafri‚ G.‚ Rodriguez‚ J. & Rodriguez‚ M. (2006). Relations Among Multiple Peer Influences‚ Body Dissatisfaction‚ Eating Disturbance‚ and Self-Esteem: A Comparison of Overweight/Obese and Average Weight Adolescent Girls. Journal of Pediatric Psychology‚ 32 (1)‚ 24-29.