Anti-Black Scale (ABS)

Anti-Black Scale (ABS)
Katz & Hass‚ 1988
1.    The root cause of most of the social and economic ills of Blacks is the weakness and instability of the Black family.
2.    Although there are exceptions‚ Black urban neighborhoods don’t seem to have strong community organization or leadership.
3.    On the whole‚ Black people don’t stress education and training.
4.    Many Black teenagers don’t respect themselves or anyone else.
5.    Blacks don’t seem to use opportunities to own and operate little shops and businesses.
6.    Very few Black people are just looking for a free ride.
7.    Black children would do better in school if their parents had better attitudes about learning.
8.    Blacks should take the jobs that are available and then work their way up to better jobs.
9.    One of the biggest problems for a lot of Blacks is their lack of self-respect.
10.Most Blacks have the drive and determination to get ahead.
Cronbach’s alpha coefficient  0.89 (Wisdom‚ 2010)
(strongly disagree) to (strongly agree)

Katz‚ I.‚ & Hass‚ R. G. (1988). Racial ambivalence and American value conflict: Correlational and priming studies of dual cognitive structures. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology‚ 55‚ 893-905.

Wisdom‚ Nicholas M. (2010). social acceptance of age discrimination. Oklahoma State University. Doctoral dissertation