Academic Self-Concept

1. Mathematics is not oneof my best subjects.
2. I have always done wellin mathematics.
3. I get good marks inmathematics.
4. I do badly inmathematics.
1. I learn things quickly inEnglish class.
2. English is one of mybest subjects.
3. I get good marks inEnglish.
4. I am hopeless inEnglish classes.
Reliability: Alpha score for this scale is .82
  • School and Academics
This instrument can be found on page 117-118 of Assessing Outcomes in Child and Youth Programs: A Practical Handbook‚ available online at:
False‚ Mostly False‚ More False than True‚ More True than False‚ Mostly True‚ True
Reverse coding is necessary. In both the English and Math scales‚ item 4 is reverse scored.

Marsh‚ H.W. (1990). The structure of academic self-concept: The Marsh/Shavelson model. Journal of Educational Psychology‚ 82‚ 623-636.