Tennessee Self-Concept Scale: Children’s Version

Responses for each item take the form of 1=always false‚ 2=mostly false‚ 3=partly false and partly true‚ 4=mostly true‚ and 5= always true.
1.     I like the way I look.
2.     I have a happy family.
3.     I don’t sleep well.
4.     It’s hard for me to do what’s right.
5.     I know as much as the other children in my class.
6.     I’m happy with who I am.
7.     I don’t feel well as I should.
8.     It’s hard for me to be around other people.
9.     I don’t do well in school‚ even I try.
10.   I really care about my family.
11.   I’m as nice as I should be .
12.   I don’t feel happy when I’m smart.
13.   It’s hard for someone to be my friend.
14.   My family doesn’t trust me.
15.   My teacher thinks I am smart.
16.   I get along well with other people.
17.   I hate myself.
18.   I’m not the person I would like to be.
19.   H am an honest person.
20.   I feel good most of time.
21.   My body is healthy.
22.   I am a decent sort of person.
23.   I’m a cheerful person.
24.   I’m not important at all.
25.   My family will always help me.
26.   I am a friend person.
27.   Boys like me.
28.   I don’t always tell the truth.
29.   I get angry sometimes.
30.   I have lots of aches and paints.
31.   I am a sick person.
32.   Math is hard.
33.   I have a lot of self-control.
34.   I’m not a nice person.
35.   I am not loved by my family.
36.   Girls like me.
37.   I’m mad at the whole world.
38.   Once in a while I think of things too bad to talk about.
39.   Sometimes when I am not feeling well‚ I get cranky.
40.   I don’t want to change the way I look.
41.   I’d like to change some part of my body.
42.   I think I do the right things most of the time.
43.   I understand what I read.
44.   I wish I could be more trustworthy.
45.   I know my family as well as I should.
46.   I’m as friendly as I want to be.
47.   I do not like everyone I know.
48.   Sometimes I laugh at a dirty joke.
49.   I shouldn’t tell so many lies.
50.   I’m as smart as I want to be.
51.   I should love my family more.
52.   I’m not as smart as the other children in my class.
53.   It’s easy for me to do a good job on my homework.
54.   I am a bad person.
55.   I should get along better with other people.
56.   Sometimes h feel like swearing.
57.   I take good care of my body.
58.   I often clumsy.
59.   I some times do very bad things.
60.   I do things without thinking about them first.
61.   I try to be fair with my friends and family.
62.   I do what my parents want me to do‚ even when I don’t agree with them.
63.   I don’t forgive other people easily.
64.   I’m not good at sports and games.
65.   I sometimes cheat.
66.   I solve my problems very easily.
67.   I fight with my family.
68.   I don’t act the way my family think I shoud.
69.   Most people are good.
70.   I find it hard to talk with people I don’t know.
71.   Sometimes I put off until tomorrow what I ought to do to day.
72.   I know the answers to questions the teacher asks.
73.   I do what’s right most of times.
74.   I’m happy with the way I treat other people.
75.   I’ll never be as smart as other people.
76.   I like to do math.
W.H.Fitts‚ ph.D. and W.L.warren‚ ph.D.

Kramschuster. Jenny. Lynn :  A Research Paper‚ Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the ma‎ster of Science Degree With a Major in Guidance and Counseling The Graduate College . University of Wisconsin-Stout. August‚ 2001