Bryant Self Concept Survey (BSCS)

1.    I am a friendly person
2.    I like my looks the way they are.
3.    My friends trust me.
4.    I try to look nice around others.
5.    I am too fat or too skinny.
6.    I have a family that would help me in any kind of trouble.
7.    I am not a calm and easy going person.
8.    I enjoy ha‎ving others think I am sexy.
9.    I can always take care of myself in any situation.
10.I am not a popular person.
11.I do not like to look into mirrors.
12.I argue a lot with my family.
13.I try to understand the other person’s side of the story.
14.I am not a healthy person.
15.I am satisfied with the way I treat others.
16.When I’m criticized‚ I feel bad for days.
17.I really like ha‎ving sex.
18.I am not loved by my family.
19.I do not always tell my friends the truth.
20.I would like to change the looks of certain parts my body.
21.I often go along with my family when I’d really not like to.
22.I tell others my likes and dislikes.
23.I like myself.
24.I am a member of a happy family.
25.I feel that if I behaved like I want to‚ others wouldn’t like me.
26.I feel others are attracted to me.
27.I do not act as my family expects me to.
28.I find it hard to say “no” to friends.
29.I care about myself.
30.I feel my family doesn’t trust me.
Social self‚ Physical self and Family self
True‚ False
Social self (1‚ 4‚ 7‚ 10‚ 13‚ 16‚ 19‚ 22‚ 25‚ and 28); Physical self (2‚ 5‚ 8‚ 11‚ 14‚ 17‚ 20‚ 23‚ 26‚ and 29); Family self (3‚ 6‚ 9‚ 12‚ 15‚ 18‚ 21‚ 24‚ 27‚ and 30)

Bryant‚ Janis L. (1979). A Self-Concept Scale for the developmentally Disabled Adult . M.s Thesis