Storm And Stress

Storm and Stress was a phrase coined by psychologist G. Stanley Hall, to refer to the period of adolescence as a time of turmoil and difficulty. The concept of Storm and Stress is comprised of three key elements: conflict with parents and authority figures, mood disruptions, and risky behavior. Conflict with parents and other authority figures comes about as adolescents begin to question or even directly go against the wisdom of elders.

Adolescents tend to be more emotionally volatile and experience more frequent mood swings as they undergo changes that come with puberty. They also tend to engage in more risky behavior that may cause harm to themselves and others, ranging from experimenting with cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs, to criminal behavior. Though not all adolescents experience Storm and Stress as described by Hall, it is generally accepted that it is more likely to happen during the period of adolescence than at any other time in life.