How to perform a One Sample t-test on a TI-84 Calculator ?

To perform a one sample t-test on a TI-84 calculator, first enter the data into a list, then go to the STAT menu and select the TESTS option. Choose the one sample t-test, enter the list name and the value of the population mean. The calculator will then display the t-statistic and the p-value associated with the test. The p-value can be used to assess the statistical significance of the test.

A  is used to test whether or not the mean of a population is equal to some value.

This tutorial explains how to conduct a one sample t-test on a TI-84 calculator.

Example: One Sample t-test on a TI-84 Calculator

Researchers want to know if a certain type of car gets 20 miles per gallon or not. They obtain a random sample of 74 cars and find that the mean is 21.29 mpg while the standard deviation is 5.78 mpg. Use this data to perform a one sample t-test to determine if the true mpg for this type of car is equal to 20 mpg.

Step 1: Select T-Test.

Press Stat. Scroll over to TESTS. Scroll down to T-Test and press ENTER.

One sample t-test for TI-84

Step 2: Fill in the necessary info.

The calculator will ask for the following information:

  • Inpt: Choose whether you are working with raw data (Data) or summary statistics (Stats). In this case, we will highlight Stats and press ENTER.
  • μ0: The mean to be used in the null hypothesis. We will type 20 and press  ENTER.
  • x: The sample mean. We will type 21.29 and press  ENTER.
  • sx: The sample standard deviation. We will type 5.78 and press ENTER.
  • n: The sample size. We will type 74 and press ENTER.
  • μ:The alternative hypothesis to be used. Since we are performing a two-tailed test, we will highlight ≠μand press ENTER. This indicates that our alternative hypothesis is μ≠20. The other two options would be used for left-tailed tests (<μ0) and right-tailed tests (>μ0) .

Lastly, highlight Calculate and press ENTER.

One sample t-test with stats in TI-84

Step 3: Interpret the results.

Our calculator will automatically produce the results of the one-sample t-test:

Output of one sample t-test on TI-84 calculator

Here is how to interpret the results:

  • μ≠20: This is the alternative hypothesis for the test.
  • t=1.919896124: This is the t test-statistic. 
  • p=0.0587785895: This is the p-value that corresponds to the test-statistic.
  • x=21.59. This is the sample mean that we entered.
  • sx=5.78. This is the sample standard deviation that we entered.
  • n=74: This is the sample size that we entered.