Workplace Stressors Assessment Questionnaire (WSAQ)

·         The number of meetings I must attend interferes with my ability to get the job done.
·         The demands of work negatively affect my personal relationships outside of work.
·         It is difficult to unwind at home due to my preoccupations with my job.
·         I have to do more work than I can do well.
·         I find it difficult to do my job because of conflicting demands.
·         I am satisfied with the amount of control I have over my job. (r)
·         I feel certain about how much authority I have in my job. (r)
·         Individuals or teams responsible for making decisions have the appropriate authority to implement them. (r)
·         I have the opportunity to take part in making decisions that affect me. (r)
·         I have a choice in deciding how I do my work. (r)
·         My colleagues and I are consulted about change. (r)
·         If the work gets difficult‚ my colleagues will help me. (r)
·         I am given supportive feedback on the work I do. (r)
·         I can rely on my supervisor to help me out with a work problem. (r)
·         I am clear about my work goals and objectives for my work group. (r)
·         I am clear what my duties and responsibilities are at work. (r)
·         There is too much bickering in my work group.
·         Personality conflicts or strained relationships interfere with my ability to get quality work done
·         I feel that the work I do is appreciated. (r)
·         I feel my efforts are rewarded the way they should. (r)
·         I receive the respect I deserve from my colleagues. (r)
·         I receive the respect I deserve from my supervisor(s). (r)
Demands (0.84)‚ Control (.86)‚ Support (.77)‚ Role (.83)‚ Relationships (.74)‚ Rewards (.86)‚ total (.95)
1=agree to 5= strongly disagree and frequency 1= never to 5= always

Mahmood‚ M.H.‚ Coons‚ S.J.‚ Guy‚ M.C.‚ and Pelletier‚ K.R. (2010).. Journal of Occupational and Environmental‚ 52(12)‚ 1192-1200.