Workplace Trust Survey (WTS)

1.    There is a widely held belief that X is moving forward for the better
2.    I have positive feelings about the future direction of X
3.    I honestly express my opinion at X with the knowledge that employee views are valued
4.    I think that X offers a supportive environment
5.    I believe that X recognizes and rewards employees’ skills and abilities
6.    It is generally accepted that X takes care of employee interests
7.    I perform knowing that X will recognize my work
8.    I think that processes within X are fair
9.    Employees commonly believe that they are treated fairly at X
10.I act on the basis that X follows plans with action
11.I feel that information can be shared openly within X.
1.    I feel I can trust my co-workers to do their jobs well.
2.    I proceed with the knowledge that my co-workers are considerate of my interests.
3.    I believe that my co-workers will support me if I have problems.
4.    Most employees at this organization believe that co-workers are reliable.
5.    I feel confident that my co-workers appreciate my good work.
6.    I feel that my co-workers are truthful in their dealings with me.
7.    I think that my co-workers act reliably from one moment to the next.
8.    I will act on the foundation that my co-workers display ethical behavior.
9.    Most employees at this organization believe that co-workers will be supportive if problems arise.
10.I believe that my co-workers give me all the information to assist me at work.
11.Employees at this organization generally feel that co-workers appreciate their good work.
12.I behave on the basis that my co-workers will not disclose personal information.
1.    I feel that my supervisor listens to what I have to say.
2.    I proceed on the basis that my supervisor will act in good faith.
3.    I act on the basis that my supervisor displays integrity in his/her actions.
4.    I think that my supervisor appreciates additional efforts I make.
5.    I act knowing that my supervisor will keep his/her word.
6.    I believe that my supervisor follows through promises with action.
7.    I feel that my supervisor is available when needed.
8.    I believe that my supervisor keeps personal discussions confidential.
9.    I feel that my supervisor trusts his/her employees to work without excessive supervision.
10.Employees generally believe that management provides honest answers.*
11.It is frequently acknowledged by employees of this organization that their immediate supervisors reward those who perform well.*
12.Most people at this organization feel comfortable with their immediate supervisors.*
Trust in Organization‚ Trust in Co-workers‚ Trust in Immediate Manager
1= Strongly Disagree to 7 =Strongly Agree

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