Work Values Inventory-3

1. My core values that are important to me in my life are:
·         Achievement: Being able to meet your goals.
·         Balance: Time for family‚ work and play.
·         Independence: Control of your own destiny.
·         Influence: Able to have an impact on others.
·         Integrity: Stand up for your beliefs.
·         Honesty: Telling the truth and knowing that others are telling the truth.
·         Power: Control over others.
·         Respect: Care and trust of self and others.
·         Spirituality: Believing in your core beliefs.
·         Status: ha‎ving influence and power over others
2. I value work environments that are:
·         Fast Paced: Work that has many things happening at one time.
·         Flexible: Work that is not set to a specific time schedule.
·         High Earnings: Work that has the potential to make a lot of money.
·         Learning: Work that is intellectually challenging to you.
·         Location: Work that is in a convenient place and an easy commute.
·         Predictable: Work where you know what is going to happen day after day.
·         Quiet: Work where there are few disruptions throughout the day.
·         Relaxed: Work where there are few pressures to get things done.
·         Structured: Work where it is organized and has a specific set time.
·         Time Freedom: Work where you set your own schedule and plan how and when you do your work.
3. I value work interactions with co-workers who support:
·         Competition: Work where you compete with others.
·         Diversity: Work where there are people with different ethnic backgrounds.
·         Friendships: Work where you socialize with your coworkers.
·         Leadership: Work where there are good leaders managing the organization.
·         Management: Work where there is strong management.
·         Open Communication: Work where information is not held back from employees.
·         Recognition: Work where you are acknowledged for your work and contribution.
·         Support: Work where you help and support each other.
·         Teamwork: Work where working together is important.
·         Trust: Work where you can count on each other.
4. I value work activities that are:
·         Analytical: Work that requires interpretation of data and information.
·         Challenging: Work that is mentally or physically challenging.
·         Creative: Work that uses imagination and creative talents to produce results.
·         Helping: Work that is helping people.
·         Leading Edge: Work on new and innovative products or projects.
·         Physical: Work that has a lot of physical activity.
·         Public Contact: Work that has daily interaction with the public.
·         Research: Work that searches for new information.
·         Risk Taking: Work that may be dangerous or risky.
·         Variety: Work where many different tasks are done during the day.
Review the “Always Important” values and choose your top five values. Write the values on the lines below with the most important value first. Check the line which indicates the section the value is from.
My Top 5 Always Important Values:
1. __   
2. __   
3. __   
4. __   
5. __   
Write a paragraph describing how you see your top 5 values in your work.
Always Important‚ Sort Of Important‚ Not Important