Tromso Social Intelligence Scale (TSIS)

Social Intelligence Scale
Tromso    Social Intelligence Scale (TSIS)
Silvera‚ Martinussen & Dahl‚ 2001
1.    I can predict other people‘s behaviour.
2.    I often feel that it is difficult to understand others choices.
3.    I know how my actions will make others feel.
4.    I often feel uncertain around new people who I don‘t know.
5.    People often surprise me with the things they do.
6.    I understand other people‘s feelings.
7.    I fit in easily in social situations.
8.    Other people become angry with me without me being able to explain why.
9.    I understand other‘s wishes.
10.I am good at entering new situations and meeting people for the first time.
11.It seems as though people are often angry or irritated with me when I say what I think.
12.I have a hard time getting along with other people.
13.I find people unpredictable.
14.I can often understand what others are trying to accomplish without the need for them to say anything.
15.It takes a long time for me to get to know others well.
16.I have often hurt others without realizing it.
17.I can predict how others will react to my behaviour.
18.I am good at getting on good terms with new people.
19.I can often understand what others really mean through their expression‚ body language‚ etc.
20.I frequently have problems finding good conversation topics.
21.I am often surprised by others reactions to what I do.

Social Skills‚ Social Awareness and Social Information Processing as .85‚ .72 and .79
1=Describes me extremely poorly‚ 2‚ 3‚ 4‚ 5‚ 6‚ 7=Describes me extremely well
Social Skills (items: 4‚ 7‚ 10‚ 12‚ 15‚ 18‚ and 20)‚ Social Awareness (items: 2‚ 5‚ 8‚ 11‚ 13‚ 16‚ and 21) and Social Information Processing items: 1‚ 2‚ 6‚ 9‚ 14‚ 17‚ and 19).

Silvera‚ D.‚ Martinussen‚ M.‚ & Dahl‚ T. (2001). The Tromso social intelligence scale‚ a self-report measure of social intelligence. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology‚ 42(4)‚ 313 – 319.

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