Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire- Adolescent (TEIQUE-AF)

Student questionnaire
1.    I’m usually able to control other people
2.    Generally‚ I don’t take notice of other people’s emotions
3.    When I receive wonderful news‚ I find it difficult to calm down quickly
4.    I tend to see difficulties in everything
5.    On the whole‚ I have a gloomy perspective on most things
6.    I don’t have a lot of happy memories
7.    Understanding the needs and desires of others is not a problem for me
8.    I generally believe that things will work out fine in my life
9.    I often find it difficult to recognise what emotion I’m feeling
10.I’m not socially skilled
11.I find it difficult to tell others that I love them even when I want to
12.Others admire me for being relaxed
13.I rarely think about old friends from the past
14.Generally‚ I find it easy to tell others how much they really mean to me
15.Generally‚ I must be under pressure to really work hard
16.I tend to get involved in things I later wish I could get out of
17.I’m able to “read” most people’s feelings like an open book
18.I’m usually able to influence the way other people feel
19.I normally find it difficult to calm angry people down
20.I find it difficult to take control of situations at home
21.I generally hope for the best
22.Others tell me that they admire me for my honesty
23.I really don’t like listening to my friends’ problems
24.I’m normally able to “get into someone’s shoes” and experience their emotions
25.I believe I’m full of personal weaknesses
26.I find it difficult to give up things I know and like
27.I always find ways to show my affection to others when I want to
28.I feel that I have a number of good qualities
29.I tend to rush into things without much planning
30.I find it difficult to speak about my intimate feelings even to my closest friends
31.I’m not able to do things as well as most people 
32.I’m never really sure what I’m feeling
33.I’m usually able to show my emotions when I want to
34.When I disagree with someone‚ I usually find it easy to say so
35.I normally find it difficult to keep myself motivated
36.I know how to get rid of my negative moods
37.On the whole‚ I find it difficult to describe my feelings
38.I find it difficult not to feel sad when someone tells me about something bad that happened to them
39.When something surprises me‚ I find it difficult to get it out of my mind
40.I often pause and think about my feelings
41.I tend to see the glass as half-empty rather than as half-full
42.I often find it difficult to see things from another person of view
43.I’m a follower‚ not a leader 
44.Those close to me often complain that I don’t treat them right
45.Many times‚ I find it difficult to know what emotion I am feeling
46.I couldn’t affect other people’s feelings even if I wanted to
47.If I’m jealous of someone‚ I find it difficult not to behave badly towards them
48.I get stressed by situations that others find comfortable
49.I find it difficult to sympathize with other people’s problems
50.In the past‚ I have taken credit for someone else’s ideas
51.On the whole‚ I can cope with change
52.I am unable to change the way other people feel
53.I have many reasons for not giving up easily
54.I like putting effort even into things that are not really important
55.I always take responsibility when I do something wrong
56.I tend to change my mind frequently
57.When I argue with someone‚ I can only see my point of view
58.Things tend to turn out right in the end
59.When I disagree with someone‚ I generally prefer to remain silent rather than make a scene 
60.If I wanted to‚ it would be easy for me to make someone feel bad
61.I would describe myself as a calm person
62.I often find it difficult to show my affection to those close to me
63.There are many reasons to expect the worst in life
64.I usually find it difficult to express myself clearly
65.I don’t mind frequently changing my daily routine
66.Most people are better liked than I am
67.Those close to me rarely complain about how I behave toward them
68.I usually find it difficult to show my emotions the way I would like to 
69.Generally‚ I’m able to adapt to new situations
70.I often find it difficult to adjust my life according to the happening
71.I would describe myself as a good negotiator
72.I can deal well with people
73.On the whole‚ I’m a highly motivated person
74.I have stolen things in the past
75.On the whole‚ I’m pleased with my life
76.I find it difficult to control myself when I’m extremely happy
77.Sometimes‚ it feels like I’m producing a lot of good work effortlessly
78.When I take a decision‚ I’m always sure it is the right one
79.If I went on a blind date‚ the other person would be disappointed with my looks
80.I normally find it difficult to adjust my behaviour according to the people I’m with
81.On the whole‚ I’m able to identify myself with others
82.I try to control my stress levels
83.I don’t think I’m a useless person
84.I usually find it difficult to regulate my emotions
85.I can handle most difficulties in my life in a cool and calm manner
86.If I wanted to‚ it would be easy for me to make someone angry
87.On the whole‚ I like myself
88.I believe I’m full of personal strengths
89.I generally don’t find life enjoyable
90.I’m usually able to calm down quickly after I’ve got mad at someone
91.I can remain calm even when I’m extremely happy
92.Generally‚ I’m not good at comforting others when they feel bad
93.I’m usually able to settle arguments
94.I never put pleasure before work
95.Imagining myself in someone else’s position is not a difficult for me
96.I need a lot of self-control to keep myself out of trouble
97.It is easy for me to find the right words to describe my feelings
98.I expect that most of my life will be enjoyable
99.I am an ordinary person
100.                I tend to get “carried away” easily 
101.                I usually try to avoid negative thoughts and think of positive alternatives
102.                I don’t like planning ahead
103.                Just by looking at somebody‚ I can understand what he or she feels
104.                Life is beautiful
105.                I normally find it easy to calm down after I have been scared
106.                I want to be in ch‎arge of things
107.                I usually find it difficult to change other people’s opinions
108.                I’m generally good at social chit-chat
109.                Controlling myself is not very difficult for me
110.                I really don’t like my physical appearance
111.                I tend to speak well and clearly
112.                On the whole‚ I’m not satisfied with how I tackle stress
113.                Most of the time‚ I know exactly why I feel the way I do
114.                I find it difficult to calm down after I have been strongly surprised
115.                On the whole‚ I would describe myself as assertive
116.                On the whole‚ I’m not a happy person 
117.                When someone offends me‚ I’m usually able to remain calm
118.                Most of the things I manage to do well seem to require a lot of effort
119.                I have never lied to save someone from feeling hurt
120.                I find it difficult to connect well even with those close to me
121.                I consider all the advantages and disadvantages before making up my mind
122.                I don’t know how to make others feel better when they need it
123.                I usually find it difficult to change my attitudes and views
124.                Others tell me that I rarely speak about how I feel
125.                On the whole‚ I’m satisfied with my close relationships
126.                I can identify an emotion from the moment it starts to develop in me
127.                On the whole‚ I like to put other people’s interests above mine
128.                Most days‚ I feel great to be alive
129.                I tend to get a lot of pleasure just from doing something well
130.                It is very important to me to get along with all my close friends and family
131.                I frequently have happy thoughts
132.                I have many fierce arguments with those close to me 
133.                Showing my emotions with words is not difficult for me
134.                I find it difficult to take pleasure in life
135.                I’m usually able to influence other people
136.                When I’m under pressure‚ I tend to lose my calmness
137.                I usually find it difficult to change my behaviour
138.                Others look up to me
139.                Others tell me that I get stressed very easily
140.                I’m usually able to find ways to control my emotions when I want to
141.                I believe that I would make a good salesman
142.                I lose interest in what I do quite easily  
143.                I have many routines
144.                I would normally defend my opinions even if it meant arguing with important people
145.                I would describe myself as a flexible person
146.                Generally‚ I need a lot of encouragement in order to do my best
147.                Even when I’m arguing with someone‚ I’m usually able to take their point of view
148.                On the whole‚ I’m able to deal with stress
149.                I try to avoid people who may stress me out
150.                I often do things without considering all the consequences
151.                I tend to “back down” even if I know I’m right
152.                I find it difficult to take control of situations at school
153.                Some of my responses on this questionnaire are not 100% honest
1.    It’s easy for me to talk about my feelings to other people.
2.    I often find it hard to see things from someone else’s point of view.
3.    I’m a very motivated person.
4.    I find it hard to control my feelings.
5.    My life is not enjoyable.
6.    I’m good at getting along with my classmates.
7.    I change my mind often.
8.    I find it hard to know exactly what emotion I’m feeling.
9.    I’m comfortable with the way I look.
10.I find it hard to stand up for my rights.
11.I can make other people feel better when I want to.
12.Sometimes‚ I think my whole life is going to be miserable.
13.Sometimes‚ others complain that I treat them badly.
14.I find it hard to cope when things change in my life.
15.I’m able to deal with stress.
16.I don’t know how to show the people close to me that I care about them.
17.I’m able to “get into someone’s shoes” and feel their emotions.
18.I find it hard to keep myself motivated.
19.I can control my anger when I want to.
20.I’m happy with my life.
21.I would describe myself as a good negotiator.
22.Sometimes‚ I get involved in things I later wish I could get out of.
23.I pay a lot of attention to my feelings.
24.I feel good about myself.
25.I tend to “back down” even if I know I’m right.
26.I’m unable to change the way other people feel.
27.I believe that things will work out fine in my life.
28.Sometimes‚ I wish I had a better relationship with my parents.
29.I’m able cope well in new environments.
30.I try to control my thoughts and not worry too much about things.
Well-being: [Self-esteem; Happiness; Optimism]‚
Self-control: [Emotion Regulation; low Impulsiveness; Stress Management]
Emotionality: [Empathy; Emotion Perception; Emotion Expression; Relationship Skills]
Sociability: [Emotion management; Assertiveness; Social awareness/ Social Competence]
Auxiliary facets: [Adaptability; Self-motivation]
1= Completely Disagree to 7= Completely Agree
Well-being (5‚ 9‚ 20‚ 24‚ 12‚ 27); self-control (4‚ 7‚ 15‚ 19‚ 22‚ 30); emotionality (1‚2‚8‚13‚16‚17‚23‚28); sociability (6 ‚10‚ 11‚21‚25‚ 26)
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