Stop and start control scales

1.    During shopping I make impulsive purchases *
2.    I can easily stop doing something fun that I know to be bad for me
3.    I do things spontaneously as soon as I think of them *
4.    I stick to the rules even if I find them unreasonable
5.    When it comes to spending money‚ I find it difficult to control myself*
6.    I never take action without thinking about it first
7.    I find it easy to save money
8.    Before I do something I go over the possible consequences
9.    I find it fun to break rules and do things that I shouldn’t *
10.I persevere at important tasks‚ even if I’m afraid something might go wrong
11.I find it difficult to do tasks that I hate doing *
12.I find it difficult ha‎ving to restart something after I thought I was already done *
13.I’m still able to concentrate when things around me are very hectic
14.Even if I don’t feel like it‚ I’m able to complete the tasks that needed to be done
15.When there is much distraction‚ I’m able to focus on one thing in order to get it done
16.When my mind wanders while I’m reading‚ It’s easy for my to concentrate on the text again
17.I’m able to continue working even when severely tired‚ if something really needs to be done
(*)  Reverse coded.
Stop control (alpha 0.73)‚ Start control (alpha 0.72)
1=completely disagree‚ to 7=completely agree
Stop control (items 1-9)‚ Start control (items 10-17)

De Boer‚B. J.‚ Van Hooft‚ E A. J. and Bakker‚ A. B. (2011). Stop and Start Control: A Distinction within Self-control. European Journal of Personality‚ Eur. J. Pers. 25(5): 349–362.