Stereotypes of Whites as Racist (SWR)

Stereotypes of Whites as Racist (SWR)
Tom‚ 2002
1. _____ In dealing with Blacks‚ White people are generally well-intentioned.
2. _____ Stereotypes about Whites as being untrustworthy are true.
3. _____ Just about all White people would discriminate against Blacks if others would not know.
4. _____ I’ve met many White people who did not seem to be prejudiced against me.
5. _____ All White people are racist.
Estimate % of White individuals who you believe are prejudiced against Blacks. ______
Reliability for this measure with the current population yielded a Cronbach’s alpha of α=.66.
1=Completely Disagree‚ 2= Somewhat Disagree‚ 3= Slightly Disagree‚ 4= Neutral‚ 5=Slightly Agree‚ 6= Somewhat Agree‚ 7=Completely Agree
Note: For use with Asians‚ the words‚ “Black(s)” will be replace with “Asian(s).”

Tom. David M.‚ (2006). Effects of perceived discrimination: rejection and identification as two distinct pathways and their associated effects. Ohio State University. PhD dissertation.