Outgroup Rejection - Revised (OR-R)

Outgroup Rejection - Revised (OR-R)
Postmes and Branscombe‚ 2002
1. I feel like I am personally a victim of society because of my race.
2. I consider myself a person who has been deprived of opportunities because of my race.
3. I feel that I have been the target of prejudice because of my race.
4. I have personally been a victim of racial discrimination
5. I feel that society treats me according to racial stereotypes
6. I think that society views me as inferior because of my race
7. Society does not discriminate against me because of my race [recoded]
8. I am viewed negatively because of my race
1=strongly disagree‚ 2=moderately disagree‚ 3=somewhat disagree‚ 4=neutral‚ 5=somewhat agree‚ 6=moderately agree‚ 7=strongly agree

Postmes‚ T. & Branscombe‚ N. R. (2002). Influence of long-term racial environmental composition on subject well-being in African-Americans. Journal of Personalityand Social Psychology‚ 83(3)‚ 735-751.

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