Spiritual Wellbeing Scale (SWBS)

Spiritual Wellbeing Scale (SWBS)
W. Ellison and Raymond F. Paloutzian (1982)
1.    I don't find much satisfaction in private prayer with God.
2.    I don't know who I am‚ where I came from‚ or where I'm going.
3.    I believe that God loves me and cares about me.
4.    I feel that life is a positive experience.
5.    I believe that God is impersonal and not interested in my daily situations.
6.    I feel unsettled about my future.
7.    I have a personally meaningful relationship with God.
8.    I feel very fulfilled and satisfied with life.
9.    I don't get much personal strength and support from my God
10.I feel a sense of well-being about the direction my life is headed in.
11.I believe that God is concerned about my problems.
12.I don't enjoy much about life.
13.I don't have a personally satisfying relationship with God.
14.I feel good about my future.
15.My relationship with God helps me not to feel lonely.
16.I feel that life is full of conflict and unhappiness.
17.I feel most fulfilled when I'm in close commun‎ion with God.
18.Life doesn't have much meaning.
19.My relation with God contributes to my sense of well-being.
20.I believe there is some real purpose for my life.
SWB (alpha .89)‚ Religious wellbeing “RWB” (alpha .87) ‚ and Existential wellbeing “EWB” (alpha .78) “Gold‚ 2010”
test-retest reliability “with correlation coefficients of .93 (SWB)‚ .96 (RWB) and .86 (EWB)” “Stanard‚ 2000”
Strongly Agree‚ Agree‚ Moderately Agree‚ Moderately Disagree‚ Disagree‚ Strongly Disagree

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