The Sexual Relationship Scale (SRS)

1. It would bother me if my sexual partner neglected my needs.
2. When I make love with someone I generally expect something in return.
3. If I were to make love with a sexual partner‚ I’d take that person’s needs & feelings into account.
4. If a sexual partner were to do something sensual for me‚ I’d try to do the same for him/her.
5. I’m not especially sensitive to the feelings of a sexual partner.
6. I don’t think people should feel obligated to repay an intimate partner for sexual favors. (R)
7. I don’t consider myself to be a particularly helpful sexual partner.
8. I wouldn’t feel all that exploited if an intimate partner failed to repay me for a sexual favor. (R)
9. I believe sexual lovers should go out of their way to be sexually responsive to their partner.
10. I wouldn’t bother to keep track of the times a sexual partner asked for a sensual pleasure. (R)
11. I wouldn’t especially enjoy helping a partner achieve their own sexual satisfaction.
12. When a person receives sexual pleasures from another‚ s/he ought to repay that person right away.
13. I expect a sexual partner to be responsive to my sexual needs and feelings.
14. It’s best to make sure things are always kept “even” between two people in a sexual relationship.
15. I would be willing to go out of my way to satisfy my sexual partner.
16. I would do a special sexual favor for an intimate partner‚ only if that person did some special sexual favor for me.
17. I don’t think it’s wise to get involved taking care of a partner’s sexual needs.
18. If my sexual partner performed a sexual request for me‚ I wouldn’t feel that I’d have to repay him/her later on. (R)
19. I’m not the sort of person who would help a partner with a sexual problem.
20. If my sexual partner wanted something special from me‚ s/he would have to do something sexual for me.
21. If I were feeling sexually needy‚ I’d ask my sexual partner for help.
22. If my sexual partner became emotionally upset‚ I would try to avoid him/her.
23. People should keep their sexual problems to themselves.
24. If a sexual partner were to ignore my sexual needs‚ I’d feel hurt.
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A = Not at all ch‎aracteristic of me.
B = Slightly ch‎aracteristic of me.
C = Somewhat ch‎aracteristic of me.
D = Moderately ch‎aracteristic of me.
E = Very ch‎aracteristic of me.
Exchange Approach to Sexual Relations (items 2‚ 6‚ 8‚ 10‚ 12‚ 14‚ 16‚ and 18)
Communal Approach to Sexual Relations (items 1‚ 3‚ 4‚ 9‚ 13‚ 15‚ 21‚ and 24)

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