Relationship Change Scale (RCS)

Relationship Change Scale (RCS)
Schlein‚ 1971& Guerney‚ 1977 
1.    My satisfaction with myself in this relationship is:
2.    My satisfaction with my partner in this relationship is:
3.    I think my partner considers me a satisfactory mate:
4.    I think my partner considers him/herself a satisfactory mate:
5.    The strength of our relationship with each other is:
6.    I am aware of my partner’s needs and desires in our relationship:
7.    I understand my own feelings about our relationship
8.    I understand my own needs and desires in our relationship:
9.    My ability to understand my partner’s feelings is:
10.Our ability to communicate is:
11.My sensitivity towards my partner as a person is:
12.My concern and warmth toward my partner is:
13.My self-expression and openness in relation to my partner is:
14.My ability to understand my partner’s likes and dislikes is:
15.My ability to listen well to my partner is:
16.My trust in my partner is:
17.My feeling of intimacy with my partner is:
18.My confidence in our relationship is:
19.Our ability to handle disagreements constructively is:
20.Our satisfaction with our sexual relationship is:
21.My ease in talking with my partner is:
22.My ability to express positive feelings toward my partner is:
23.My ability to constructively express negative feelings towards my partner is:
24.My willingness to share my personal concerns with my partner is:
25.My capacity to believe and accept positive feelings my partner expresses toward me is:
26.My capacity to deal constructively with negative feelings my partner expresses toward me is:
27.My understanding of the kind of relationship I want to have in the future with my partner is:
Much Less‚ Less‚ No Change‚ More‚ Much More
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