Raising Children Checklist (RCS)

1.    Do you help your child do his/her chores?
2.    Do you praise your child when he/she does something you like?
3.    Do you expect your child to obey the first time you say something?
4.    Do you give your child a chance to explain before punishing him/her?
5.    Do you think the most important thing your child must learn is independence?
6.    Do you give your child lots of hugs and kisses?
7.    Do you let your child decide what his/her daily schedule will be?
8.    Do you let your child eat what he/she feels like eating?
9.    Do you allow your child to express anger?
10.Do you think your child is too young to have chores?
11.Do you think praising your child will spoil him/her?
12.Do you think that respect for authority is the most important thing your child should learn?
13.Do you let your child decide when it is time for bed?
14.Do you expect your child to do chores at home without any help?
15.Do you like your child to join in freely when adults are talking?
16.Do you think spoiling your child would be the worst thing you could do?
17.Do you want your child to question rules that seem unfair or unclear?
18.Do you let your child choose which TV shows to watch?
19.Do you try to show that you understand your child’s feelings when you punish him/her for misbeha‎ving?
20.Do you reconsider a rule that really upsets your child?
21.Do you expect your child to be quiet and respectful when adults are around?
22.Do you try to explain the reasons for the rules you make?
23.Do you spank your child for doing something really wrong?
24.Do you expect your child to obey you without any questions asked?
25.Do you think an important thing your child must learn is to respect the rights of others?
26.Do you think it’s wrong for a child to shout at a parent?
27.Do you think your child will grow up just fine without much interfering on your part?
28.Do you expect your child to control his/her anger to a certain extent?
Harsh‚ Firm/Responsive‚ and Lax
Harsh (alpha 0.68)‚ Firm/Responsive (alpha 0.51)‚ and Lax (alpha 0.68)
1definitely no)‚ 2 (mostly no)‚ 3 (mostly yes)‚ and 4 (definitely yes)

Greenberger‚ E.‚ & Goldberg‚ W. (1989). Work‚ parenting‚ and the socialization of children. Developmental Psychology‚ 25‚ 22-35.